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Multi-Thread Tasks

Sneekshot AIO is one of the fastest multi-threading bots on the market. Its capable of running multiple tasks efficiently and at low cost to RAM usage due to some clever programming. Multi Threading is the process of managing the use of a computers resources.

Task Timer

With Sneekshot AIO you can forget about missing any drops. With our Task Timer feature you are now capable of starting your bot and having it sleep until its time for the drop. And dont worry even if the item does not drop on time we got you covered our smart bots will detect if the item is available for sale.


With our innovative Monitor system your are now capable of getting the restocks for your wanted items without those nagging resellers trying to finesse you out of your money because you missed the drop. Our Monitors will continue checking for the item you are looking for once its detected in stock you will be notified.



How bot works?

What is Sneekshot Bot

what's a sneaker bot? In a nutshell, it's an automated software designed to autocomplete the checkout process and make multiple purchases in online sneaker shops using sneaker proxies. So if you're seriously trying to make money reselling sneakers, you definitely need to use bots.


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